Saturday, 30 August 2008

Mahamudra of Tilopa

The intellect cannot see that which is beyond conceptual mind,
and you will never realize that which is uncreated through
created dharmas. If you whish to attain or realize that which is
beyond the intellect and is uncreated, then scrutinize your mind
and strip awareness naked.

Here come the six words of Advice from Tilopa:

Let go of what has passed
let go of what may come
let go of what is happening now.

Don´t try to figure anything out
don´t try to make anything happen
Relax, right now, and rest.

If we can put this essential teaching into practice,
we are in the mahamudra path.

Mahamudra is not about memorizing, analizing, meditating (created meditation).
Mahamudra is about relaxing, seeing the nature of mind, and resting in that.
Simple but no that easy.

As you can see, this six points of advice are very similar to Dzogchen and Zen.
If you can do that, there is no problem calling that mahamudra, dzogchen or Zen.
If you can not do that, then you need other practices which will lead you up to this.

So we should only be concerned about being able to see the nature of mind.
If we can do that by ourselves, let´s do it.
If we cannot, then let´s look for somebody who can help us.
Very simple, provided that we are not taken by arrogance or fanatism.

You can know intellectually how to put a rocket on the moon, but that is not the same as being able to physically put it there.

These instructions are very condensed and simple, but only a few can take them into practice, and that is why the wish-fullfilling gem of mahamudra practice requires discipline, humility and the intelligence to look for help from the qualified masters.

So brother, let´s keep on practicing so we can call ourselves mahamudra practitioners, and not mahamudra bluffers.

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