Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cosmic mind: Master Mind

Possessing a state of the art tool like the human brain
should be regarded as a very auspicious sign.

Learn to use it properly
and the mysteries of life will unfold.

You would never use a portable computer
just to crack nuts and decorate your room,
would you?

When ignorance, hate, pride, envy
and lust drag your mind, you are
behaving  just like an animal.

So learn from the ones who reached
mastery of their lives through the
mastery of their minds.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Demons: Self clinging

Hope and fear.

Our Self clings to pleasure
and rejects pain.

Clinging and craving:

The root of suffering.

Clinging turns pleasure into pain.

Do not fear pain.

Do not crave for pleasure.

Do not cling to sensations.

Do not crave for sensations.

Just let them flow.

Clinging wants to transform impermanent
objects or sensations into permanent.

Craving wants to escape the present feeling of unrest
hoping that the possession of  some objects
will give us happiness.

Both clinging and craving are the only
demons that keep mind fettered to suffering.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pyramids: Atlantis

Just a few thousand years ago
there appeared a stirp of lucid minds
who mastered the secrets of pyramids.

They understood the essence of space-time,
and comprehended the relationship
between mind and matter.

They left a net of energy places,
so future generations could follow their steps
and join them in the NOW.

molding the mind.


Chamber of the queen
chamber of the king:

Orinary Mind

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