Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The cave of Rigpa

Welcome to this virtual space.

My nickname is Marpa, as a hommage to the tibetan master who introduced the Mahamudra System in Tibet, and my wish is to help you in the practice of this powerful meditation system.

In this cave you can find the wish fulfilling gem.

Some of you will have to put quite a lot of effort in your practice of this old and powerful system of buddhist meditation. For others more fortunate, with less karmic obstacles, you will jump from the preliminary practices to the main mahamudra practice and skip many stages. That depends on what kind of practitioner you are (with sharp skills, medium, or low). Some of you will have to go through many years of practice following the manuals which you will find if you look attentively for them in the links provided.

The goal of Mahamudra is allowing you to SEE DIRECTLY the Nature of Mind, and once you´ve done that, establish yourself on this seeing, also called RIGPA.

Probably many of you are already familiar with buddhism, so in this virtual cave we will go to the essence of the Teachings, and we will adapt them to the western context in which we live.

My main objective is helping you to CONNECT with the MAHAMUDRA LINEAGE. Once you come close to it, things become easier, because you are pushed by the strength of many advanced practitioners, and experiences flow out spontaneously and you can get realizations.

I would recommend to those of you interested in following this system, to get a transmission of some of the many Mahamudra manuals available. In my case, I follow the manual by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal : Moonlight of Mahamudra.

I received the transmission for the study and practice of this text a few years ago, and I complement it with other mahamudra manuals like Clarifying the Natural State, from the same author, and many other texts mainly written by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

Anyway, after some practice, you will see that things become simple and natural, like ordinary mind, so your main concern must be to understand this system and to practice it continuously.

One big advantage of this system, is that you can meditate without abandoning your responsibilities, and transform ordinary life into practice. This is what many of the lineage holders in the past have done, and I do it myself, so I can say that it is possible provided that there is FAITH in the efficacy of this System, and TRUST in the LINEAGE of realized masters.

Feel free to leave comments on the posts: they can be useful to other practitioners.

If you have more specific questions regarding practice and experiences, please feel free to contact me to:

I hope you enjoy your practice, brother.

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