Saturday, 31 January 2009

OM AH HUNG: One Taste

Je Gyare said:

"At the stage of one flavor,
appearance emerge as meditation,
which lasts for an uninterrupted
period of time."

On the average level of one flavor,
the meditator will achieve inner release
from his inborn clinging to dualities such
as realization and realizer, experience and
experiencer. He will cut the root of that
dualistic clinging to perception and perceiver.

Besides, the meditator, during the period of
postabsorption, will not experience much
solid clinging to duality, while the delusion
in his dreams will also diminish. It is said that
such meditator will gain sufficient inner power
capable of helping or harming his fellow beings.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Virupa: Lada

By detaching itself from the duality
of observation and observer,
the mind achieves self-liberation
from division;

By thus smashing the contrived practitioner,
the mind frees itself from striving and seeking;

By discarding the concern for the fruit
of inner development, the meditator
unshackles himself from hope and fear;

By eliminating the sense of the "self" or the "I",
the mind emerges victorious in its battle
against inner adversaries;

By dismantling the clinging to substance,
the meditator will gain liberation from
both samsara and nirvana.

Friday, 16 January 2009

One Taste: Enhancement

One Taste has three stages:

The lesser One Taste is when you have realized that all thoughts and perceptions are of one taste in being the Mahamudra of mind essence. However, you still retain a bind: the conviction of savoring and clinging to that.

The medium One Taste is when this tarnish has dissolved: the conviction of savoring and clinging to multiplicity as being of one taste. You have actualized the resplendent indivisibility of perceptions and mind in which the perceived is not held as being outside and mind is not held as being inside.

The greater One Taste is when you realize multiplicity as being of one taste and you experience one taste as being multiplicity. Thus everything subsides into the original state of equality.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lada: Time for Transcending

This is when the practitioner´s dense meditation
moods of bliss, clarity and nonthought have
dissolved. His mind has cleared up to such an extent
that the meditation training in space-like aware
emptiness has become constant. Or it is when
the daytime experience for the most part has
become constant. When you thus find a decisive
certainty within thoughts and perceptions it
is the time for transcending.

If the transcending takes place too soon, you
will miss the real experience and instead become
an insensitive intellectual spouting forth the words
of a "high view".

If too late, even though there may be many
fortunate people who dissolve their clinging
to experiences and are liberated into steady
realization, others may intensify their clinging
to noble thoughts and conviction and get
involved in various levels of virtuous activities.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

One-Pointedness:Sustaining the essence

As for sustaining the essence, it is taught
that you should remain in these three
manners: fresh, artless and unbound.

To be fresh, the key point of body is
to relax deeply from within. The key
point of speech is not to force your
breathing. The key point of mind is
to remain unconcerned and without
taking anything as support.

To be artless, leave your mind as it
naturally is, leave it without being a
definable entity and remain undistracted.

To be unbound, remain free from
accepting and rejecting, remain
effortless and leave the six sense
impressions in naturalness.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Lada: Transcending

Now cast away all concerns about meditator and
meditation object, experiencer and object of experience,
the realizer and what is realized. Abandon all aims
such as holding notions about whether or not "this
is it" and the urge to meditate and be mindful.
Without even the intention "I should not keep
anything in mind", simply allow your ordinary
mind, plain and uncontrived, to be as it
naturally is.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Maitripa: Insight

By realizing the intrinsic nature
of one´s self, one will realize all
cosmic appearances and actualities
as being Mahamudra, the great,
ultimate and all-pervaiding reality.

He who has not attained this intrinsic
reality will achieve nothing except
temporary freedom. Once he has
realized this intrinsic reality,
What is there that can bind him?

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Savari: Ordinary Mind

Ordinary Mind consists of natural simplicity.
Do not distort it through intellectual construction.
For the pure nature of mind needs no modulation.
Let the mind be in its natural state
with no attempt at grasping or releasing it.

Having discovered the intrinsic nature of ordinary
Mind, the meditator remains aware of it without
getting distracted, and at the same time maintains
unmodulated whatever immediate mode of mind
or thought arises.
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