Thursday, 27 November 2008

The king of the North: Earth

Egyptian fellowcraft:

Invoke Vaishravana but do not forget EMPTINESS:


The earth treasures belong to the ones who DARE,
but if your motivation is not right,

Wealth can trigger the power of EGO,
and you will be fettered by it. You
accumulate bad KARMA.

Antiently, evoking the King of the Earth
with a selfish motivation was called to
come to an agreement with the devil:
the EGO.

So, if your BODHICHITTA is not well
developed, forget the King and develop it.

If you are still an egyptian apprentice,
forget about this post.

Take this WARNING seriously,
unless you want to fall and break
your bones.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Black Jambhala: Abundance

If you can cut with avarice,
you can use black jambhala
as your yiddam.

Generosity is the key,
to open the vault of wealth
and plentifulness of Mind.

Om jambhala jalendraya svaha.
Om indrani mukham bhramari svaha.

If you are a genuine practitioner,
take the key and open the door.

If you do not practice genuinely,
pass by and wait for better times.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hevajra: perfection stage

Hold your breath,
relax your mindfulness.

Pump the base,
ignite the fire.

Blazing non-dual fire,
cleansing all defilements.

It is now, and only now,
when consciousness turns
into awareness.

The eight vanish into one:

Just keep relaxed,
attentively at ease.

No more spinning,
only empty bliss.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Ninth Karmapa: Another Map

This is another map, a commentary by Khenchen Thrangu
Rinpoche of the ninth karmapa´s Pointing Out the Dharmakaya.

You can download the e-version for free on Shenpen Osel,
that you will find in the Mahamudra Links of this blog.

You can read it, because it is very brief, and if you feel a
connection with it, you can start working with it, and maybe
later on you can get the transmission from a qualified master.

Now you have many maps available. All of them will take you
to the same place: the recognition of the Nature of your Mind.

But do not forget that without the help of a genuine master,
who will give you the transmission, it is very difficult to
use skillfully these mahamudra maps.

It is not impossible to do it by yourself alone, but you need
a very good karma and a very sharp mind.

If the connection with the mahamudra lineage is already
established, then it might be possible to practice by yourself
without the supervision of a genuine master, but you must
be really honest with yourself, because it is very easy to
deceive yourself thinking and imagining that you have
a high level of understanding when in fact, you are
slave of your ego´s phantasy.

Go ahead, mahamudra practitioner.

Karmapa: The Map

This is another good Mahamudra Map. Khenchen Thrangu
Rinpoche presents a summary of the ninth karmapa´s Ocean
of Definitive Meaning.

Before buying the book, I had downloaded a free copy from
Shenpen Osel, which you can find in the mahamudra links of this blog.

In Spain it is difficult to find books on mahamudra, so I had
to resort to this e-magazine, and later on I bought the books
because I find them more convenient for studying. I´m afraid
I do not belong to the e-generation.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Crystal clear: Mahamudra Map

This is a very good commentary on Clarifying the Natural State,
by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

Crystal clear: practical advice for Mahamudra meditators

The Map: Clarifying the Natural State

This is a very good map, by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal.

Clear, concise and complete.
As a complement, you have the commentary by
Khenchen Thrangu Rimpoche, Crystal Clear.

My Map: Essentials of Mahamudra

This is a very good commentary on my mahamudra map: The Moonlight.

In fact, before receiving the transmission of The Moonlight, I had
already been using this commentary by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

It is a clarification of The Moonlight, but it is not so detailed.

I highly recommend you to get this manual if you want to use
The Moonlight as your Map.

Thrangu Rinpoche will give you the Key to the use of The
Moonlight for your daily practice in this concise manual.

My Map: The Moonlight

This is my main Mahamudra Map.

I got the transmission from a qualified master a few years ago.

It is a very complete map, but not the only one you can use.

What is important is to take your practice seriously.

Right now, at this stage, you should look for your OWN map,
and stick to it.

Later on you will be able to compare different maps,
because your level will be higher and you will see
the essence of them all.

So Egyptian Apprentice, GO and GET YOUR MAP,
so you do not get lost.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Preliminaries: Shine

Egyptian apprentice:

Unless you have reached the fifth level of shine,
you should go back to the base camp,
and practice further.

As you can guess, this virtual space is out of time.
Nobody is putting pressure on you,
but if you don´t reach a minimum level of mind pacification,
you won´t be able to engage in the next phase of this expedition.

If you take your PRACTICE seriously, and trust the mahamudra
lineage, this blog will be a reflection of your own level of accomplishment.

If you don´t practice seriously,this blog will be only empty words
with no meaning. Find your OWN PACE of practice and then you
will have similar experiences as your fellow practitioners.

It is all UP to you.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Kalachakra: Simplicity and no-thought

Lungs breathe:
Mind thinks.

There is nothing wrong with breathing:
Thinking is a natural function too.

If you stop breathing, your body dies:
If you stop thinking, intelligence will die.

Breathing properly you will keep a healthy body:
Thinking correctly you will develop a clear mind.

If you see the essence of breath,
breathing becomes self-liberated.

If you see the essence of thought,
thinking becomes self-liberated.

Very Simple:


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chod: Cutting with cowardice

Egyptian Apprentice:

Unless you dare to face your own fears and ghosts,
you will never unfetter your mind from the wheel of suffering.

You can keep mingling around, pretending to know,
but only facing your dark side and cutting with fear will release you.

Ignorance of your real nature is the real enemy,
giving EGO a boost and keeping you in the mud of suffering.

You must take the determination to RENOUNCE to confused
consciousness, and start training in the art of cutting the veils of ignorance.

Only establishing yourself in the Right Vision of NO-SELF,
you will be able to embrace RIGPA and BLISS.

So, take a penetrating look at yourself into the mirror of
clear mind, and drop all prejudices about reality.

Focus on the five aggregates, and cut with the sword of wisdom
until you are left with your real self: LUMINOUS EMPTINESS.

Then you will see the next camp on our way up to the summit:
the MADIAMAKA camp.

Go ahead, with STRENGTH,
and you will soon become a fellow.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Cittamatra: Only mind and emptiness

Egyptian apprentice:

If you have worked on the first stage of the progressive stages of meditation on Emptiness, as presented in the book of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, now you have some insight on the emptiness of Self, similar to the Shravakas.

The next stage, the Cittamatra, belongs to the Mahayana, which means that Bodhicitta must be your driving force.

Now you have to focus on the emptiness of the skandas and you will find out that there is no difference in nature between mind and matter. But do not think that everything is yourself or your own personal experience. There is a world that you share with others.

The appearance of an inner perceiving and an outer perceived aspect in each moment of consciousness gives rise to the illusion that they are of different substance, mind and matter.

If you can rest your mind in its own nature and see its emptiness, then all confusion would disappear and the mind would be bright, clear and self-aware: self-illuminating mind.

If you meditate properly, you will find that experience has three natures:

1- the imaginary nature

2- the dependent nature

3- the truly existent nature

The imaginary nature is conceptual, and empty: your own interpretation of dependent nature.

The dependent nature includes all the eight consciousnesses, and it is dependently existent.

The truly existent nature is absolute existence: ultimate, pure and perfect reality.

Unless you meditate and find out for yourself the validity of all the above hints, this is nothing but conceptual understanding, and you will never get a direct experience of emptiness.

So Egyptian Apprentice, work hard and join your fellow practitioners if you want to reach the next camp on our way up to the summit: madhyamaka camp.

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