Friday, 31 July 2009

Great Seal: Tilopa

Nonduality means generosity;
nonexclusion, morality;
nondiscrimination, patience;
Nonacceptance and abandonment, striving;
nonattachment, tranquil absorption;
nonconception, Wisdom.

Whether by expounding the tantric mysticism,
the transcending wisdom, the sacred canon, and the
concise sayings, or by following the various classic treatises
and the doctrines of conceptual determination,
one may not realize mahamudra as lucid awareness.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Primordial awareness: Mushotoku

Whenever one is absorbed in primordial awareness,
whatever one may be doing-jumping,running,
murmuring or talking- one is still in equipoise.
Whenever one is detached from primordial
awareness, one slips into postabsorption, even
though one may be sitting in meditation.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gampopa: recognition of ordinary mind

If at this moment one wishes to achieve liberation from
the cycle of existence, one must recognize ordinary mind,
for it is the root of all things. That which is designated as
ordinary mind is one´s own awareness. Left in its natural
state, this awareness remains unstained by any perceptive
forms, unmuddled by any levels of existential consciousness,
and unclouded by dullness, depression or thought. If one
has discovered the identity of that mind one has discovered
the self-cognizing awareness. If one fails to gain such an
understanding, this ordinary mind remains with the
coemergence of ignorance. However, the understanding of
that mind is called awareness, the essence, the coemergent
self-knowing, ordinary mind, unmodulated simplicity,
nondiscrimination and luminous clarity.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gampopa: Ordinary Mind

In summary, ordinary mind is an unmodulated simplicity,
which must be left to manifest freely and unaltered by any
exertion of accepting or rejecting it as being positive or
negative, empty or not empty, conceptual or nonconceptual,
good or bad, superior or inferior.

Leaving aside "unmodulated", the term "ordinary mind"
refers to primordial awareness, not distorted by any dogma
or dialectics. The term "unmodulated" refers to letting that
awareness be as it is, without altering it.

Monday, 6 July 2009

One Taste: Non-duality

Before climbing up,
I thought there was a mountain.

While climbing,
mind and mountain merged.

The one who went down,
is not the same as the one who climbed up.

In fact, there is nobody
climbing or going down.

Pedraforca mountain,
the little son of Kailas.

Amazing but true.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Pointing out: Coemergent thought

Coming out from nowhere,
passing by without a trace,
vanishing into emptiness.

Look directly at the mind
while the wind of thought
is fiercely blowing.

See it´s nature
and the wind turns out
to be a refreshing breeze.

It can take some time
to go beyond time:
Now sip slowly
the true elixir of life.

Now there is no hurry:
thoughts are already fuel
for the blazing clear mind.

Luminous emptiness,
Great Bliss,
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