Sunday, 31 January 2010

Saraha: Undistracted awareness

A mind cleansed of defilement
coemerges with its intrinsic nature;
such a mind remains free from disharmony.

Watch your own self,
for it represents intrinsic reality.
If unable to watch with an undistracted mind,
you will fail to penetrate the forest of substance
and will lose the gem of true reality,
for a distracted mind is uncapable of realization.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Second Yoga: Simplicity

The lesser simplicity is when you realize that
the identity of the thinking and perceiving mind
is devoid of such constructs as arising and ceasing.

However, you are not free from the fetter of savoring
the conviction that clings to it as being empty.

You realize that the identity of all phenomena
is devoid of the constructs of arising,
dwelling and ceasing.

You also still entertain hopes and fears concerning
samsara and nirvana.

As well, your states of deep sleep and dreaming,
for the most part, are still deluded.

There are considerable fluctuations in your dharma
practice, and it is possible that sometimes you have
trust in your master, dharma friends and practice,
and that sometimes you feel doubt.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Utilizing sickness

Use the acute feeling of ache and pain as the very
substance of the training and, without trying to alter it,
suspend it in being vividly present.

By continuing in this way, you find progress in that the pain
becomes the meditation training without having to be rejected.

Moreover, investigate the ego-clinging within the one who feels
sick, the one who hurts and the one who experiences, and suspend
it without artifice in the state that is free from any definable identity.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

First yoga: Je Gyare

The meditator has realized the one-pointed yoga when he has
with conscious certainty gained insight into his own inmost
awareness, which is an inseparable blend of its intrinsic
clarity and emptiness. Like the expanse of space,
this simplicity of mind is detached from any
substantive entity while manifesting itself
clearly and uninterruptedly.

On the other hand, the meditator has not gained insight
into the mind´s essential nature through the
one-pointed yoga if he has not achieved
such an awareness of certainty, even
though his mind is settled quietly
and serenely in the state of bliss,
clarity and non-discrimination.
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