Thursday, 21 August 2008

The End of the Beginning

If there was a beginning,
there should be an end.

If there is no beginning,
there can´t be an end.

Natural Mind is Unborn,
therefore it can´t die.

Ego has a beginning,
therefore it cames to an end.

Marpa had a beginning,
so it has come to an end.

Emma Ho.

Labeling that which can´t be labeled,
for the sake of sentient beings.
From now on call me Hui Neng.

Hui Neng had a beginning,
so it will come to an end.

Just masks for the unnamed,
necessary contrievances.

Oh Tilopa, you are not Tilopa;
they call you Tilopa.
What an old tricker you are.
You got me on your net from the Beginning.
Now this is the End of the Beginning.

Kye Ho

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