Thursday, 21 August 2008

The key

The mahamudra system was designed for people willing to learn from a master.

Usually, if you want to learn FAST about any subject, you have to find an expert, and learn from him. That will save you a lot of time and effort, provided that you TRUST him and put into practice his advice.

One of the preliminary practices of mahamudra is GURU YOGA, which is a powerful tool to speed up your progress. The essence of guru yoga is seeing your master as the enlightened mind, and fusing your mind with him. In fact, there is no difference between the nature of your mind and the nature of his mind; they are one and the same: EMPTY CLARITY.

Practicing guru yoga correctly, you will get some experiences of BLISS, CLARITY and NON-THOUGHT, that usually it would take you longer to experience if you didn´t have a master.

Guru yoga does not mean becoming a slave of a despot.


Most of us fear surrendering ourselves to somebody else. But we shouldn´t. We should fear surrendering ourselves to a non qualified master.

My personal experience has proved me that if I ´m not very wise, and my motivation is not clean, then I end up trusting the wrong "pseudomasters". When my motivation gets cleaner (bodhichitta), then I can see the real face of all this pseudomasters, and I can go away from them, without blaming them, because it was my dirty motivation and ignorance that didn´t let me see who they really are.

Once you detach yourself from the wrong motivation, you will find the qualified masters. So, it is very important to develop a good MOTIVATION (BODHICHITTA) in order to find a qualified master.

When climbing a dangerous unknown peak, it is smart to join a competent expedition, with trustworthy guides. To reach the MAHAMUDRA PEAK, you must join the MAHAMUDRA LINEAGE. In doing so, you will avoid many sidetracks and flaws that will come up with your practice.

That is why it is very important to PRAY asking for help from the lineage masters. That is an exercise of humility, because you admit that you need some help from qualified guides. Your Ego usually doesn´t like to admit his incompetence, and praying becomes an antidote against his "power", provided that you have a good motivation like bodhichitta.

Once you become a member of the lineage, praying can be used as an means of COMPASSION, wishing that all sentient beings become free of suffering.

Therefore, my advice would be: CHECK YOUR MOTIVATION and LOOK FOR A QUALIFIED MASTER who can help you to SEE THE NATURE OF MIND.

That is the key of a successful practice.


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