Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ordinary Mind: The Mirror

Look at your mind,
relax your senses;
do not let thoughts distract you.

Look at the looker,
relax your mind;

The mirror is looking at itself,
there is NO SELF;
just luminous emptiness.

Just self-liberated appearances,
moving along the mind;
spontaneous presence.

Non-conceptual wisdom,
playing the game of life;
empty bliss.

And now, break the mirror,
and SEE what is left:

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Trekking: Sharpness

Trekking and sharpenning the mind.

The Sharp Peaks (Les Agudes) in Montseny mountain (Barcelona)
October 26, 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Freemasonry: Mark Master

Egyptian Apprentice:

If you want your wages paid,
work diligently in order to
understand EMPTINESS.

Only then will you leave
and WISDOM in all your works.

If your mark is another than this,
you will never become an Egyptian

Do not stray from the NOBLE PATH.

Freemasonry: Emulation Rite, third degree

Egyptian Apprentice:

Hyram Abiff is your BUILDER EGO,
the architect of all your works in the
material level.

He is an ASTRAL entity, belonging
to the world of formation or YETZIRA,
and you must REMEMBER his EMPTINESS.

He obeys SOLOMON, the faithful worshipper
of the DEMIURGE, and he uses the materials and
workmen provided by Hyram, King of Tyre to
build the temple of ILLUSION.

Solomon represents the fanatical belief in an eternal
and omniscient CREATOR and his PLAN.
Hyram Abyiff is your EGO, and the King of Tyre
is deluded mind, the provider of thoughts, emotions
and instincts used by your Ego to build a world of fantasy,
the temple of illusion.

BE CAREFUL; do not slip and fall down.

Freemasonry: Emulation Rite, first degree

Egyptian Apprentice:

EVERYTHING can be used by people of sharp capacity,
even the degenerated masonic system.

But REMEMBER that you NEVER must BELIEVE that
the great architect of the universe has a true and inherent
existence: It is EMPTY.

If you have had a DIRECT VISION of emptiness, Mara
will not catch you in his net of illusion.

If you did not have such a VISION, then stick to your master,
and don not let him go, or you might fall into the abyss

Cagliostro: Egyptian Freemasonry

Monday, 20 October 2008

KUKAI: Ajikan meditation


Don´t be scared to jump.

If you are accompanied by a qualified jumpmaster,
and you have trained properly,
the jump will unfetter your mind
from prejudices and conceptual thinking,
landing on the Nature of Mind.

Cut with your fear!

Egypt: Golden Dawn and Cagliostro

In this next phase of the path, the EGYPTIAN section, we will be using the Kabbalistic system used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as SKILLFUL MEANS.

Kabbalah is an egotistic system that ends up in the abyss of ETERNALISM, but it can be used to reach higher levels of consciousness and control some FORCES and ENERGIES to help other people, so as long as you keep in mind that it is an EMPTY method and that the Nature of Mind is not equivalent to AIN , AIN SOF or AIN SOF AUR, you will be able to use it as skillful means.

If you are not familiar with the TREE of LIFE and the Kabbalah as it is taught in the Golden Dawn, then you should buy the book of ISRAEL REGARDIE :The Golden Dawn, by Llewellyn Publications, and familiarizate yourself with the theory of the kabbalistic system.

If you don´t do this, then you will remain in the base camp of the preliminary practices, because this expedition will be engaging the EGYPTIAN WALL of the mountain of Awakening.

Remember though, that the Mahamudra Lineage is not the Golden Dawn Lineage, and therefore the mahamudra masters are not the Rosicrucian Masters. We will be using this path because it can help us to reach the next level, and it has already been used by many western practitioners. It would be stupid not to use a path on our way up to the summit, just because it is not indicated in tibetan language. We will learn the egyptian or kabbalistic language, so we don´t get lost, but remembering that we are mahamudra practitioners and adapting it so we don´t end up in the abyss of eternalism.

So, Egyptian Apprentice, get your hands on the book and start learning a new language if you want to join the western mahamudra expedition.

ISIS: Unveiled

Lilith, Queen of Sheva,Kali...
I have many names, one empty essence.

If you don´t SEE that phenomena are EMPTY,
you will be under my oxbow, egyptian apprentice.

If you cut the concept of creator,
you can then cut the concept of creation.

If you cut with the vampire or EGO,
you then must cut the clinging to objects.

Cutting subject/object duality,
takes you to the third yoga, One taste.


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pyramid: Looking

If you sleep on top of the great pyramid,
you will find out that it is singing the song of Eternal Life.

All the esoteric lineages of the west come from Egypt,
so we will use the Egyptian system as skillful means.

So my friend, do you trust the Mahamudra System?
Do you trust the Mahamudra Lineage? Do you trust me?

If you don´t, please either remain in the Base Camp,
with the preliminary practices, or just go elsewhere.

If you trust us, be careful because right now we
will be leaving the base camp., and this can be dangerous.

The Egyptian mental techniques that will be shown to you,
can turn into poison unless you have the RIGHT MOTIVATION.

If you do have FAITH in the effectiveness of the Mahamudra
System, and TRUST in the Mahamudra LINEAGE, then join us.


Monday, 13 October 2008

Padampa Sangye: The Vampire

The symbol of the vampire can be a good starting point to face our ancestral fears, hidden in the depth of the colective mind of the human race.

The vampire is a being who lives in the dark night of ignorance, who feeds on the blood or energy of its fascinated victims, and who can not bear the light of wisdom, just because it means his end, his vanishment.

In fact, the symbol of the vampire is the symbol of ego.

Ego drains our vital energy, fascinating us with its vain fantasies and projects, with its chimeras and fears, and it keeps us in a state of drowsiness or sleepiness, always keeping us away from the light of the clear mind, fettering us in its dark world of ilusion.

If we were aware that all of us, in a higher or lesser degree, are victims of the vampire of ego, then we could act in order to get rid of our unconscious victimism, and finish up the tyranny of this entity that deprives us from expressing our full potential.

But if we want to get rid of the vampire, we have to FACE it, and that means facing our deepest fears, accepting that right now they are fettering and limiting us.

This is what CHOD , or Cutting, is all about. This system was designed for qualified practitioners who DARE to LOOK at themselves in the true mirror of the master, and who have the STRENGTH and COURAGE to cut their FEARS.

CHOD is a DIRECT method that enables us to SEE the Nature of Mind, but if we are not prepared and qualified, it can be very dangerous and have terrible consequences on our mental balance, because there is a great deal of subconscious energy being unleashed.

This is the reason why we need to be under the supervision of a genuine master, just in case we need some help.

So, my friend, are you ready to face the vampire, or you just want to keep beeing its victim?

This is what Padampa Sangye said to Machig Labdron when they met for the first time.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

CHOD: Padampa Sangye

Face your fears, don´t turn your back on them;
Put them on the back yard of emptiness, and cut
their necks with the sword of clarity.

Take their entrails out to the light, without fear,
and let them dry up under the sun of Rigpa:
then eat them, and tell me what their taste is.

If you say it is salty, I will give you more salt;
If you say it is sweet, I will give you more sugar.
Be careful when you answer, because you can
lose your tongue.

When you recognize One Taste,
you will SEE that fear is only the
shadow of Original Unborn Wisdom.

When Wisdom lights up the Mind,
fears vanish and there is only
Unlimited LOVE left.

Cut my friend, but do not forget to sharpen
your mind, because without a master,
the edge is lost, even if you know how to CUT.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Milarepa: colorful awareness

"I do not see consciousness,
I only see awareness".

That was Milarepa´s statement,
proving that he had reached One Taste Yoga.

Non duality.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Four yogas: No-thought and the second yoga

No-thinking does not mean blanking your mind out.

No-thinking is Self-liberated thinking.

A no-thought is a self-liberated thought.

When you SEE the nature of thought as soon
as it arises, that is a no-thought.

Thoughts have no independent and permanent
base of origination: they are empty, dependently

Thoughts do not abide anywhere, because
there is not a permanent abiding base.

Thoughts do not cease, because in fact,
they did never really originated.

If you can SEE this NAKEDLY, without using
your conceptual mind, then you KNOW that
thoughts are in fact no-thoughts.

Then you can use dependently originated
thoughts to deepen your INSIGHT and establish
your mind in its own nature.

If you master no-thinking, also called
HISHIRYO in ZEN, then you will enter

Only you and the ones who have established
themselves on this level, KNOW what
NO-THOUGHT really is.

Then you SEE who is a true practitioner
and who is not yet.

So my friend, either if there are thoughts
arising or not, don´t get distracted, and
keep your mind looking at its own nature.

That will eventually take you to the
third Yoga, ONE TASTE.

Emma Ho
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