Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas and happy 2010.

I wish your genuine practice

allows your mind to express

its own inherent





Tuesday, 15 December 2009

First yoga: One-pointedness

When the one-pointed stage dawns,
one realizes the intrinsic nature of one´s mind
to be an unceasing stream of clarity and emptiness,
devoid of any center and circumference,
like the expanse of space,
settled in serenity and lucidity.

This is absorptive equipoise
on the first stage of yoga.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Savari: One Taste

Watch, keep watching, but do not watch anything.

Meditate! Keep meditating!

But do not meditate on anything!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Maitripa: Sublimating afflictions

A deluded mind by its intrinsic nature
is great awareness;

It aids meditators greatly.

The way a forest fuels a great fire.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ouroboros: Ordinary mind

The nondiscriminatory simplicity
of mind is described as wisdom.

That which fulfills the wishes of
sentient beings without exception,
the way a wish-granting gem does,
is described as compassion.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Longchenpa: Great Perfection

Let us cross the ocean of these
three worlds of samsara
within the vast ship of samadhi
where grasping is never found,
arriving at last in the nature
of the great perfection.
Along with the bliss of the ground
there is a constant well being.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Elevating dualistic thoughts to the path

A transient thought arises from the unborn emptiness.

It embodies the nature of all-embracing reality.

These two have been inseparable from the beginning.

I therefore proclaim the two to be of one flavour.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Virupa: Lada

Where the mind detaches itself from discrimination
there is neither defilement nor doubt;

Where mind perceives intrinsic reality directly,
there is no duality of knowledge and knower.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Savari: Non-meditation

In the discipline of quiescent mahamudra
there is nothing to meditate on, not even an atom.

Do not meditate,
for the perfect meditation
is to remain inseparable
from the state of non-meditation.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cosmic mind: Master Mind

Possessing a state of the art tool like the human brain
should be regarded as a very auspicious sign.

Learn to use it properly
and the mysteries of life will unfold.

You would never use a portable computer
just to crack nuts and decorate your room,
would you?

When ignorance, hate, pride, envy
and lust drag your mind, you are
behaving  just like an animal.

So learn from the ones who reached
mastery of their lives through the
mastery of their minds.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Demons: Self clinging

Hope and fear.

Our Self clings to pleasure
and rejects pain.

Clinging and craving:

The root of suffering.

Clinging turns pleasure into pain.

Do not fear pain.

Do not crave for pleasure.

Do not cling to sensations.

Do not crave for sensations.

Just let them flow.

Clinging wants to transform impermanent
objects or sensations into permanent.

Craving wants to escape the present feeling of unrest
hoping that the possession of  some objects
will give us happiness.

Both clinging and craving are the only
demons that keep mind fettered to suffering.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pyramids: Atlantis

Just a few thousand years ago
there appeared a stirp of lucid minds
who mastered the secrets of pyramids.

They understood the essence of space-time,
and comprehended the relationship
between mind and matter.

They left a net of energy places,
so future generations could follow their steps
and join them in the NOW.

molding the mind.


Chamber of the queen
chamber of the king:

Orinary Mind


Sunday, 27 September 2009

MenKauRa: Sagaramati

O Sagaramati,
all realities are marked by the seal
of innate freedom, which is completely pure and nondual.
Like the expanse of space, all realities are without distinction
because they are all marked by the seal of evenness.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tilopa: Lada

The nature of mind is neither modulated nor unmodulated.
Understand it to be of primal purity, beyond concepts.

By abstaining from cogitation or contemplation,
examination or analysis,
meditation or performance,
as well as from hope or fear,
the mental clinging to them will be pacified spontaneously
and the mind will attune itself
to the primordial intrinsic reality.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Lada: Determining the mind

Watch that which has been determined
without any mental activities.

Space is designated as empty,
yet its exact nature cannot be verbalized.

Similarly the mind is designated as luminously clear,
yet its exact nature is empty, with no ground for definition.

Thus the self-nature of mind is and has been
from the very beginning like that of SPACE.


Monday, 7 September 2009

Appearances: Virtual or Real?

Appearances are mind.

Apparent objects are not mind.

Looking at mind within appearances:

Do not imagine that the external objects,
or apparent objects, are mind.

Look at appearances in the mind,
and you will find its nature.

Make sure you focus on appearances.

Imagining that apparent objects are mind
will not get you closer to seeing its essence.

Do not block appearances; look at them
as they emerge, stay and vanish.

Like a comet appearing in the sky.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Appearances: Climbing

When I started climbing the mountain,
I put a lot of effort into it.

After trekking for a while,
there was just walking.

At the summit,
it was calm and clear.

Without any effort,
nobody went down.

Climber, climbing and mountain,
empty appearances.


Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Path: Gradual or Instantaneous

According to their distinct levels of intellect,
there are persons inclined toward either the
gradual or the instantaneous path.

A great medicine for gradual seekers
becomes a poison for instantaneous seekers.

A great medicine for instantaneous illumination
becomes a poison for gradual illumination.

Persons with inborn creative abilities should
be shown the instantaneous path,
while young minds should be guided
through the gradual path.

Karpey Sarnying
(The Moonlight)

It depends on your karma if NOW you belong to
either the gradual or the instantaneous type of

It would be stupid to pretend to be instantaneous
if you are gradual.

It would also be stupid to pretend to be gradual
if you are instantaneous.

The genuine master is only the CATALYST of
your process of re-awakening. When you are
ready, the master shows up, and the changes
take place following your own karmic pace,
which can be gradual or instantaneous.

If it is instantaneous, you will get a glimpse
of the nature of mind, and your practice will
be in accord with your type.

If you are of the gradual type, then your
practice will lead you progressively towards
seeing the nature of mind.

We should be HONEST and assess impartially
our present condition and the type of practitioner
we are.

no master will be able to help us rediscovering
our real nature.

In fact, there is only one path, and it is us who belong either to the
instantaneous or to the gradual type of practitioners.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dakini: Clear light

Calling you from afar,
you appeared suddenly,
like a rainbow of awareness.

There is no doubt about THIS,
certainty ensues realization,
like thunder follows lightning.

Mixing is my main practice,
disguised under the mask of
a farmer and retailer.

Too many high class personalities,
made mind stuck in pride,
and karma took me down.

Now I learned there is no up or down,
only confused mind
and clear mind.


Friday, 31 July 2009

Great Seal: Tilopa

Nonduality means generosity;
nonexclusion, morality;
nondiscrimination, patience;
Nonacceptance and abandonment, striving;
nonattachment, tranquil absorption;
nonconception, Wisdom.

Whether by expounding the tantric mysticism,
the transcending wisdom, the sacred canon, and the
concise sayings, or by following the various classic treatises
and the doctrines of conceptual determination,
one may not realize mahamudra as lucid awareness.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Primordial awareness: Mushotoku

Whenever one is absorbed in primordial awareness,
whatever one may be doing-jumping,running,
murmuring or talking- one is still in equipoise.
Whenever one is detached from primordial
awareness, one slips into postabsorption, even
though one may be sitting in meditation.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gampopa: recognition of ordinary mind

If at this moment one wishes to achieve liberation from
the cycle of existence, one must recognize ordinary mind,
for it is the root of all things. That which is designated as
ordinary mind is one´s own awareness. Left in its natural
state, this awareness remains unstained by any perceptive
forms, unmuddled by any levels of existential consciousness,
and unclouded by dullness, depression or thought. If one
has discovered the identity of that mind one has discovered
the self-cognizing awareness. If one fails to gain such an
understanding, this ordinary mind remains with the
coemergence of ignorance. However, the understanding of
that mind is called awareness, the essence, the coemergent
self-knowing, ordinary mind, unmodulated simplicity,
nondiscrimination and luminous clarity.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gampopa: Ordinary Mind

In summary, ordinary mind is an unmodulated simplicity,
which must be left to manifest freely and unaltered by any
exertion of accepting or rejecting it as being positive or
negative, empty or not empty, conceptual or nonconceptual,
good or bad, superior or inferior.

Leaving aside "unmodulated", the term "ordinary mind"
refers to primordial awareness, not distorted by any dogma
or dialectics. The term "unmodulated" refers to letting that
awareness be as it is, without altering it.

Monday, 6 July 2009

One Taste: Non-duality

Before climbing up,
I thought there was a mountain.

While climbing,
mind and mountain merged.

The one who went down,
is not the same as the one who climbed up.

In fact, there is nobody
climbing or going down.

Pedraforca mountain,
the little son of Kailas.

Amazing but true.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Pointing out: Coemergent thought

Coming out from nowhere,
passing by without a trace,
vanishing into emptiness.

Look directly at the mind
while the wind of thought
is fiercely blowing.

See it´s nature
and the wind turns out
to be a refreshing breeze.

It can take some time
to go beyond time:
Now sip slowly
the true elixir of life.

Now there is no hurry:
thoughts are already fuel
for the blazing clear mind.

Luminous emptiness,
Great Bliss,

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Gautama: Coemergent thought

Watching thoughts pass by,
like water flowing down.

Tasting the essence of them,
and finding only One Taste.

When you can do that my friend,
then you are about to vanish.

When you can do that brother,
then you can call me by my name.

Flowing, flowing, flowing;
luminous emptiness.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Zen: Blowing

- What is moving: the wind or the flag?
- Mind is moving, my friend, Only Mind is moving.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

View: Watching

Unless you climb the mountain,
you can not get the view.

Reading and listening to other practitioners
is like reading a map.

Make the first step:
then will come the second...

Some people only read maps,
but never start climbing.

A picture is only an empty image:
get the real VIEW.

Move on.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rigpa: Wesak

Before the beginning,
you are the only one.

Next, with the time.
I forgot you.

Later on, after suffering a lot,
I heard about you.

With elaborate practice,
I forged an image of you.

Not so long ago,
I recognized your face.

NOW, beyond time,
you keep beeing the only one.

Great Bliss.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Gautama: Brother

Whenever I look,
I see only your face.

Whatever I hear,
it is always your voice.

Whenever I smell,
it is always your perfume.

Whatever I eat,
I find always your taste.

Everything I touch,
I know it is you.

When I look at the mind,
I find only luminous emptiness.

Great Bliss

Sunday, 19 April 2009

No distraction: spontaneous presence

I bow down to the guru,
root of all blessings.

Now there is only bliss,
and nobody to cling to it.

Now there is only non-conceptuality,
which is in essence clarity.

It took mind a lot of practice,
to get rid of that old I.

Without I, there is no MINE:
no more hopes and fears.

This can not be one more experience:
there is no experiencer any longer.

I bow down to the Great Seal,
root of samsara and nirvana.

May all sentient beings
discover their real nature.

Great Bliss.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Marpa Empowerment: Moonlight

This is the master from whom I received the teachings
and transmission (Lung) of Moonlight of Mahamudra,
the comprehensive mahamudra manual written by
Dakpo Tashi Namgyal, on which I base my practice.

Phagmo Drupa: Fivefold profound path

If one meditates for four periods and pacifies dualistic
thoughts in the nondual path, one will gain four experiences
described as the meeting of an old friend, the melting of snow
on a hot rock, the spreading of a forest fire, and an inner sensation
of bliss, clarity and emptiness.

The first experience is like the reunion of old friends, who
recognize each other instantly upon their meeting. So the
yogin, perceiving emerging thoughts instantly, comprehends
them to be identical with the mind´s intrinsic emptiness.
Hence its description as the reunion of old friends.

The second experience is referred to as "snow melting on a
hot rock". Snow that falls from water-bearing clouds melts
upon touching warm rocks. Likewise thoughts arise from a
discriminating mind. If one perceives them as originating from
the mind itself, without striving one will realize that the mind
is the nondiscriminatory dharmakaya, hence the term "the
revival of the awareness".

The third experience refers to the simile "spreading like a
forest fire". A raging forest fire burns everything indiscriminately-
trees, grass, and animals, clean and unclean land. Winds and
hailstorms cannot stop it, instead they intensify the flames.
Similarly, when the fire of thought flares, let it consume in
the emptiness of nonarising. All discrimination, good and bad,
self and others, all emotions, lust and hatred, without
acceptance and abandonment, affirmation and rejection.

The more numerous the thoughts are, the more powerful
an aid they become for inner transmutation. Hence the
description "sublimating recreated affliction".

The fourth experience refers to a secured realization, in which
the mind becomes clear, open, transcending, blissful, lucid,
nondual and detached-even a pinprick turns into ecstasy-
Day and night, the same experience will prevail during
intermissions, when one walks, sits, rests and so on. Such is
the fourth illuminating experience of bliss, clarity and so on.

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dorje Chang: Inner Master

They call you Vajradhara,
the holder of the vajra of Rigpa.

You bestow your blessings
upon the worthy practitioners.

Master of masters,
ordinary Mind.

Whoever has seen you,
has seen the nature of mind.

Great Bliss

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dzogchen: Pema lingpa

Wake up from your dream,
created by your karma.

Take the wish fulfilling jewell
and walk like a buddha.

Rigpa has always been your nature
so stop clinging to dual consciousness.



Saturday, 7 March 2009

Lada: Biting

Just right here,
just right now.

One taste,
many flavours.

Pure awareness,
empty mind.

Piercing appearances,
unveiling reality.

No more doubts,
only certainty.

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Vajrayoguini: Co-emergent Wisdom

Beyond duality,
trampling on samsara and nirvana.

Drinking the nectar of bliss,
cutting the clinging to subject and object.

Ordinary Mind,
free from conceptual constructs.

mother and sister of all buddhas.

May you grant me all siddhis,
after seeing your real face.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Vajrakilaya: Wrath and destruction

My real enemy is my own ignorance,
which shows up in my old habits.

My only crave for destruction,
is the destruction of wrong patterns.

My past actions created my present conditions,
but ego is not the master any more.

Wrath is powerful and dangerous,
but it is empty of self existence.

Gods and demons are gone:
there is only luminous emptiness.

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