Friday, 28 August 2009

Appearances: Climbing

When I started climbing the mountain,
I put a lot of effort into it.

After trekking for a while,
there was just walking.

At the summit,
it was calm and clear.

Without any effort,
nobody went down.

Climber, climbing and mountain,
empty appearances.


Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Path: Gradual or Instantaneous

According to their distinct levels of intellect,
there are persons inclined toward either the
gradual or the instantaneous path.

A great medicine for gradual seekers
becomes a poison for instantaneous seekers.

A great medicine for instantaneous illumination
becomes a poison for gradual illumination.

Persons with inborn creative abilities should
be shown the instantaneous path,
while young minds should be guided
through the gradual path.

Karpey Sarnying
(The Moonlight)

It depends on your karma if NOW you belong to
either the gradual or the instantaneous type of

It would be stupid to pretend to be instantaneous
if you are gradual.

It would also be stupid to pretend to be gradual
if you are instantaneous.

The genuine master is only the CATALYST of
your process of re-awakening. When you are
ready, the master shows up, and the changes
take place following your own karmic pace,
which can be gradual or instantaneous.

If it is instantaneous, you will get a glimpse
of the nature of mind, and your practice will
be in accord with your type.

If you are of the gradual type, then your
practice will lead you progressively towards
seeing the nature of mind.

We should be HONEST and assess impartially
our present condition and the type of practitioner
we are.

no master will be able to help us rediscovering
our real nature.

In fact, there is only one path, and it is us who belong either to the
instantaneous or to the gradual type of practitioners.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Dakini: Clear light

Calling you from afar,
you appeared suddenly,
like a rainbow of awareness.

There is no doubt about THIS,
certainty ensues realization,
like thunder follows lightning.

Mixing is my main practice,
disguised under the mask of
a farmer and retailer.

Too many high class personalities,
made mind stuck in pride,
and karma took me down.

Now I learned there is no up or down,
only confused mind
and clear mind.

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