Friday, 29 August 2008

Looking at the moving mind

Once you know how to look at the quiet mind, you can start looking at the mind within occurrence.

It is more difficult to SEE the nature of thoughts and appearances, just because usually we get distracted when they occur, we follow them and cling to them.

That is why in the mahamudra system, the practitioner usually starts developing Shamata (Shine), and then tries to see the nature of the mind at rest. This is a preliminary practice.

Remaining in a state of stillness, we let thoughts appear, and we just observe their arising, remaining and vanishing.

This is easy to say, but not to do.

When we have seen the nature of thoughts, we can try with emotions and to end up with appearances.

If you check any of the mahamudra manuals like Moonlight of mahamudra or Clarifying the Natural state, you can find precise instructions on how to proceed.

This is only a hint in the air, but you must PRACTICE yourself.

Nobody will do it for yourself. They can help you, but no more.

Good luck with your practice.

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