Friday, 31 July 2009

Great Seal: Tilopa

Nonduality means generosity;
nonexclusion, morality;
nondiscrimination, patience;
Nonacceptance and abandonment, striving;
nonattachment, tranquil absorption;
nonconception, Wisdom.

Whether by expounding the tantric mysticism,
the transcending wisdom, the sacred canon, and the
concise sayings, or by following the various classic treatises
and the doctrines of conceptual determination,
one may not realize mahamudra as lucid awareness.


Fon said...

You have the strange ability of writing posts about things i´m reading. These days I have been reading some things about "Tilopa´s Song of Mahamudra" and then I found your post in your blog about this...
Thanks again my friend.
(yes... my english is bad, but your understand me...)

marpa said...

You have the strange ability to read things related to the subjects I write about.What a strange coincidence:)
P.S:your english gets better if you use it:).The same thing happens to mine.

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