Monday, 7 September 2009

Appearances: Virtual or Real?

Appearances are mind.

Apparent objects are not mind.

Looking at mind within appearances:

Do not imagine that the external objects,
or apparent objects, are mind.

Look at appearances in the mind,
and you will find its nature.

Make sure you focus on appearances.

Imagining that apparent objects are mind
will not get you closer to seeing its essence.

Do not block appearances; look at them
as they emerge, stay and vanish.

Like a comet appearing in the sky.


zz-reversi said...


voici mon + 5 M&M's du soir

garanti no Calories car Virtuel lol

alors Abuses en, sans Modération lol

bonne nuit bisous

ZZ reversi

MGW said...

Appearances are mind!
No distiction is ever true, nothing is ever seperated from her luminous essence. Recognize her in the flow of appearing objects. Illusion is bliss, waiting to unfold.

marpa said...

Ema Ho

DocQ said...

Lost in meanings!
Confused by words!
It is! No! It definitely isn’t!

Wake up you dreamers!
Both are true! and both are false!

Away with words anyway!
There is only the open expanse.
Ahora y Aqui!
Ema Ho!

marpa said...

Kye Ho

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