Friday, 10 April 2009

Phagmo Drupa: Fivefold profound path

If one meditates for four periods and pacifies dualistic
thoughts in the nondual path, one will gain four experiences
described as the meeting of an old friend, the melting of snow
on a hot rock, the spreading of a forest fire, and an inner sensation
of bliss, clarity and emptiness.

The first experience is like the reunion of old friends, who
recognize each other instantly upon their meeting. So the
yogin, perceiving emerging thoughts instantly, comprehends
them to be identical with the mind´s intrinsic emptiness.
Hence its description as the reunion of old friends.

The second experience is referred to as "snow melting on a
hot rock". Snow that falls from water-bearing clouds melts
upon touching warm rocks. Likewise thoughts arise from a
discriminating mind. If one perceives them as originating from
the mind itself, without striving one will realize that the mind
is the nondiscriminatory dharmakaya, hence the term "the
revival of the awareness".

The third experience refers to the simile "spreading like a
forest fire". A raging forest fire burns everything indiscriminately-
trees, grass, and animals, clean and unclean land. Winds and
hailstorms cannot stop it, instead they intensify the flames.
Similarly, when the fire of thought flares, let it consume in
the emptiness of nonarising. All discrimination, good and bad,
self and others, all emotions, lust and hatred, without
acceptance and abandonment, affirmation and rejection.

The more numerous the thoughts are, the more powerful
an aid they become for inner transmutation. Hence the
description "sublimating recreated affliction".

The fourth experience refers to a secured realization, in which
the mind becomes clear, open, transcending, blissful, lucid,
nondual and detached-even a pinprick turns into ecstasy-
Day and night, the same experience will prevail during
intermissions, when one walks, sits, rests and so on. Such is
the fourth illuminating experience of bliss, clarity and so on.

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