Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gampopa: recognition of ordinary mind

If at this moment one wishes to achieve liberation from
the cycle of existence, one must recognize ordinary mind,
for it is the root of all things. That which is designated as
ordinary mind is one´s own awareness. Left in its natural
state, this awareness remains unstained by any perceptive
forms, unmuddled by any levels of existential consciousness,
and unclouded by dullness, depression or thought. If one
has discovered the identity of that mind one has discovered
the self-cognizing awareness. If one fails to gain such an
understanding, this ordinary mind remains with the
coemergence of ignorance. However, the understanding of
that mind is called awareness, the essence, the coemergent
self-knowing, ordinary mind, unmodulated simplicity,
nondiscrimination and luminous clarity.

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