Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cosmic mind: Master Mind

Possessing a state of the art tool like the human brain
should be regarded as a very auspicious sign.

Learn to use it properly
and the mysteries of life will unfold.

You would never use a portable computer
just to crack nuts and decorate your room,
would you?

When ignorance, hate, pride, envy
and lust drag your mind, you are
behaving  just like an animal.

So learn from the ones who reached
mastery of their lives through the
mastery of their minds.


Vereda said...

The Chains of Our Attachments!

It could not be put more clearly,
By the chains of our attachments,
We are perpetually bound.

But the Masters ask,
To whom or what can we attach them?
When there’s no one to be found.

Mind essence does not fixated*,
So it is never bound.

(*elaborate, perseverate, perpetuate…α)


marpa said...


marpa said...


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