Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pyramid: Looking

If you sleep on top of the great pyramid,
you will find out that it is singing the song of Eternal Life.

All the esoteric lineages of the west come from Egypt,
so we will use the Egyptian system as skillful means.

So my friend, do you trust the Mahamudra System?
Do you trust the Mahamudra Lineage? Do you trust me?

If you don´t, please either remain in the Base Camp,
with the preliminary practices, or just go elsewhere.

If you trust us, be careful because right now we
will be leaving the base camp., and this can be dangerous.

The Egyptian mental techniques that will be shown to you,
can turn into poison unless you have the RIGHT MOTIVATION.

If you do have FAITH in the effectiveness of the Mahamudra
System, and TRUST in the Mahamudra LINEAGE, then join us.


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