Monday, 20 October 2008

Egypt: Golden Dawn and Cagliostro

In this next phase of the path, the EGYPTIAN section, we will be using the Kabbalistic system used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as SKILLFUL MEANS.

Kabbalah is an egotistic system that ends up in the abyss of ETERNALISM, but it can be used to reach higher levels of consciousness and control some FORCES and ENERGIES to help other people, so as long as you keep in mind that it is an EMPTY method and that the Nature of Mind is not equivalent to AIN , AIN SOF or AIN SOF AUR, you will be able to use it as skillful means.

If you are not familiar with the TREE of LIFE and the Kabbalah as it is taught in the Golden Dawn, then you should buy the book of ISRAEL REGARDIE :The Golden Dawn, by Llewellyn Publications, and familiarizate yourself with the theory of the kabbalistic system.

If you don´t do this, then you will remain in the base camp of the preliminary practices, because this expedition will be engaging the EGYPTIAN WALL of the mountain of Awakening.

Remember though, that the Mahamudra Lineage is not the Golden Dawn Lineage, and therefore the mahamudra masters are not the Rosicrucian Masters. We will be using this path because it can help us to reach the next level, and it has already been used by many western practitioners. It would be stupid not to use a path on our way up to the summit, just because it is not indicated in tibetan language. We will learn the egyptian or kabbalistic language, so we don´t get lost, but remembering that we are mahamudra practitioners and adapting it so we don´t end up in the abyss of eternalism.

So, Egyptian Apprentice, get your hands on the book and start learning a new language if you want to join the western mahamudra expedition.


Saint Brian the Godless said...

Read the book years ago, still have it.

The Golden Dawn system, or Crowley's later Thelema, is not my path. But I appreciate much of it.

I use some of the mental techniques in my own meditations. Enochian words, the LBRP, etc.

But I like to pick and choose in an eclectic manner...

Interesting blog you have here!

marpa said...

Hi Brian "de Molay".

I just took a quick look at your blog and if you were to practice buddhism, your present "life theory" could be classified as a modified version of the Mind Only or Cittamatra school.

Maybe taking a closer look to EMPTINESS could help you to go further up on your climbing.

My personal experience with kabbalah is that unless you have a good level of insight on EMPTINESS, you can easily get stuck in the many "pleasant" states of consciousness that you will encounter when you climb up the tree.

I´m an eclectic myself, too. I have practiced freemasonry, Martinism and different forms of buddhism, and I have no problem using the best techniques from each system: My mahamudra practice is strong enough to allow me being an eclectic.

It is nice to meet a sharp mind from time to time, even virtually.

Good luck, and make yourself at home each time you stop by this place.


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