Saturday, 25 October 2008

Freemasonry: Emulation Rite, third degree

Egyptian Apprentice:

Hyram Abiff is your BUILDER EGO,
the architect of all your works in the
material level.

He is an ASTRAL entity, belonging
to the world of formation or YETZIRA,
and you must REMEMBER his EMPTINESS.

He obeys SOLOMON, the faithful worshipper
of the DEMIURGE, and he uses the materials and
workmen provided by Hyram, King of Tyre to
build the temple of ILLUSION.

Solomon represents the fanatical belief in an eternal
and omniscient CREATOR and his PLAN.
Hyram Abyiff is your EGO, and the King of Tyre
is deluded mind, the provider of thoughts, emotions
and instincts used by your Ego to build a world of fantasy,
the temple of illusion.

BE CAREFUL; do not slip and fall down.

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