Thursday, 2 October 2008

Four yogas: No-thought and the second yoga

No-thinking does not mean blanking your mind out.

No-thinking is Self-liberated thinking.

A no-thought is a self-liberated thought.

When you SEE the nature of thought as soon
as it arises, that is a no-thought.

Thoughts have no independent and permanent
base of origination: they are empty, dependently

Thoughts do not abide anywhere, because
there is not a permanent abiding base.

Thoughts do not cease, because in fact,
they did never really originated.

If you can SEE this NAKEDLY, without using
your conceptual mind, then you KNOW that
thoughts are in fact no-thoughts.

Then you can use dependently originated
thoughts to deepen your INSIGHT and establish
your mind in its own nature.

If you master no-thinking, also called
HISHIRYO in ZEN, then you will enter

Only you and the ones who have established
themselves on this level, KNOW what
NO-THOUGHT really is.

Then you SEE who is a true practitioner
and who is not yet.

So my friend, either if there are thoughts
arising or not, don´t get distracted, and
keep your mind looking at its own nature.

That will eventually take you to the
third Yoga, ONE TASTE.

Emma Ho

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