Saturday, 11 October 2008

CHOD: Padampa Sangye

Face your fears, don´t turn your back on them;
Put them on the back yard of emptiness, and cut
their necks with the sword of clarity.

Take their entrails out to the light, without fear,
and let them dry up under the sun of Rigpa:
then eat them, and tell me what their taste is.

If you say it is salty, I will give you more salt;
If you say it is sweet, I will give you more sugar.
Be careful when you answer, because you can
lose your tongue.

When you recognize One Taste,
you will SEE that fear is only the
shadow of Original Unborn Wisdom.

When Wisdom lights up the Mind,
fears vanish and there is only
Unlimited LOVE left.

Cut my friend, but do not forget to sharpen
your mind, because without a master,
the edge is lost, even if you know how to CUT.

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