Monday, 13 October 2008

Padampa Sangye: The Vampire

The symbol of the vampire can be a good starting point to face our ancestral fears, hidden in the depth of the colective mind of the human race.

The vampire is a being who lives in the dark night of ignorance, who feeds on the blood or energy of its fascinated victims, and who can not bear the light of wisdom, just because it means his end, his vanishment.

In fact, the symbol of the vampire is the symbol of ego.

Ego drains our vital energy, fascinating us with its vain fantasies and projects, with its chimeras and fears, and it keeps us in a state of drowsiness or sleepiness, always keeping us away from the light of the clear mind, fettering us in its dark world of ilusion.

If we were aware that all of us, in a higher or lesser degree, are victims of the vampire of ego, then we could act in order to get rid of our unconscious victimism, and finish up the tyranny of this entity that deprives us from expressing our full potential.

But if we want to get rid of the vampire, we have to FACE it, and that means facing our deepest fears, accepting that right now they are fettering and limiting us.

This is what CHOD , or Cutting, is all about. This system was designed for qualified practitioners who DARE to LOOK at themselves in the true mirror of the master, and who have the STRENGTH and COURAGE to cut their FEARS.

CHOD is a DIRECT method that enables us to SEE the Nature of Mind, but if we are not prepared and qualified, it can be very dangerous and have terrible consequences on our mental balance, because there is a great deal of subconscious energy being unleashed.

This is the reason why we need to be under the supervision of a genuine master, just in case we need some help.

So, my friend, are you ready to face the vampire, or you just want to keep beeing its victim?

This is what Padampa Sangye said to Machig Labdron when they met for the first time.

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