Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lada: Time for Transcending

This is when the practitioner´s dense meditation
moods of bliss, clarity and nonthought have
dissolved. His mind has cleared up to such an extent
that the meditation training in space-like aware
emptiness has become constant. Or it is when
the daytime experience for the most part has
become constant. When you thus find a decisive
certainty within thoughts and perceptions it
is the time for transcending.

If the transcending takes place too soon, you
will miss the real experience and instead become
an insensitive intellectual spouting forth the words
of a "high view".

If too late, even though there may be many
fortunate people who dissolve their clinging
to experiences and are liberated into steady
realization, others may intensify their clinging
to noble thoughts and conviction and get
involved in various levels of virtuous activities.

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