Sunday, 14 September 2008

Naropa: The Summary of Mahamudra

Homage to Great Bliss.

1) Mahamudra is knowing that all things are
one´s own mind. Seeing objects as external is
just noetic projection. The whole of appearance
is as empty as a dream.

2) The mind as such is merely a flow of awareness,
without self-nature, moving due to its energy-wind.

Empty of an identity, it is like space.
All phenomena, like space, are the same.

3) There is no definition of the essence of Mahamudra.
It is the mind´s own nature, just as it is.

4) Whoever has understood Suchness is not bound.
Resting in any other state is called either "meditation"
or "non-meditation". It doesn´t arise through the use
of fabricated techniques like meditating or not meditating.

5) Nothing whatsoever truly exists.

Appearances are self-liberated in the ultimate realm
of Dharmadhatu.

Concepts are self-liberated as primordial Wisdom.

Non-duality is realization of the changeless Dharmakaya.

6) Like the flow of a great river, whatever occurs is
meaningful and true. This is the permanent Buddha Nature.
Trascending samsara fully it is Great Bliss.

7) For those fortunate to connect with this teaching, I have
uttered these words of heartfelt instruction. Thus, may all
sentient beings become established in Mahamudra.

This exposition of Mahamudra was given orally by Naropa
to Marpa, who translated it into Tibetan.

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