Monday, 8 September 2008

KUKURIPA: The Mirror

The first thing that a genuine master will do, is to act like a MIRROR, and reflect what the practitioner brings with himself, be this good or bad qualities.

Usually we have a very idealistic image of ourselves, only focussing on what we think are good qualities, and very often this image is very distorted, so we keep acting following habitudes that keep us away from the right path of liberation from ignorance.

During many lives we have been practicing different so called spiritual methods, and we have forged a very powerful "spiritual ego", which pushes us to act in a way that reinforces his growth and sends us to a sidetrack or sometimes a cul-de-sac.

The master has to show us the true reality of our situation, so we can SEE what we need to CHANGE in order to progress, and CUT the "spiritual EGO", which has been in some way useful in the past, but now is preventing us from AWAKENING to the TRUE NATURE of MIND.

There are many techniques that can be used, and which one will be used depends on many factors that the genuine master will take into account.

One method that is in close relation to mahamudra is CHOD (cutting), and if we use this powerful technique we can go beyond the dual "spiritual ego" into non-dual awareness.

In order to be successful in this, we have to trust our master when he will show us our limitations and imperfections, and be Courageous in polishing them, so we can progress to a more advanced level of being.

If the master is not a genuine one, his reflection of ourselves will be distorted, and we can end up lost in the middle of nowhere, traumatized or even going crazy.

This is a crucial stage in the path, because if we do a good job, everything will be much easier later on. But we must acknowledge that this stage is going to be difficult and dangerous, and that is why we need a trustworthy master who will make sure that this CUTTING process turns into a constructive one, and not into a destructive one.

The master that did most of this "dirty" work with Marpa was Kukuripa, helping him to overcome his bad temper.

So, let´s work on it.

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