Friday, 5 September 2008

KARMAPA: What a Master is NOT

1- A master is not somebody looking for followers, but someone eager to advance in the path while helping others to progress as well.

2- A master has NOTHING to teach; he just provides opportunities for learning.

3- A master does not know everything, but he can LEARN from everybody and from any situation.

4- A master is not from another world; he just knows very well the world of SELF-DELUSION.

5- A master is not MORE THAN anybody; he is LESS (selfish, proud, ignorant...)

6- A master is not perfect; he knows and works on his own imperfections.

7- A master is not charitable, but COMPASSIONATE.

8- A master does not flatter; he tells you what has to be said.

9- A master is not authoritarian; but his words and actions are AUTHORITATIVE.

10- A Master is simply someone who has SEEN the TRUE NATURE
OF MIND, and has ESTABLISHED himself on that REALIZATION.

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