Sunday, 31 January 2010

Saraha: Undistracted awareness

A mind cleansed of defilement
coemerges with its intrinsic nature;
such a mind remains free from disharmony.

Watch your own self,
for it represents intrinsic reality.
If unable to watch with an undistracted mind,
you will fail to penetrate the forest of substance
and will lose the gem of true reality,
for a distracted mind is uncapable of realization.


Chodpa said...

This is a very beautiful teaching .. thanks so much for sharing it :-)

marpa said...


Without being corrupted by delibetare,fabricated meditation, and without being disturbed by the commotion of common affairs,knowing how to settle into what is natural and uncontrived, may I expertly sustain practice of the vital point of mind.

Aspiration prayer of Mahamudra,
by Rangjung Dorje.


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