Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Longchenpa: Ati

Nowadays, those "elephants" who pride themselves on
being ati practitioners, allege that thought patterns,
stirring and proliferating, are awakened mind.

All of these fools are submerged in darkness,
far from the meaning of natural great perfection.

They do not understand even dynamic energy
or what arises from that energy,
to say nothing of the essence of awakened mind.


juanra said...

Please, expands the entry with a comment.

marpa said...

There are those who swagger in their undiscriminating ignorance, whose brows are adorned with golden chains of jealousy and wrongheaded concepts, and who flatter themselves with the assumption that they understand and so have the haughty gait of an elephant.

juanra said...

you usually find so many people whit this features ?

i see the shadow.

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