Friday, 6 August 2010

The cave of Dawn: Beyond the intellect

Get in the dark cave of subconscious mind,
with the light of mindfulness,
and you will find out,
that there is nobody
neither outside,
nor inside.

In fact,
there is no real difference
between outside and inside.

This, my friend, is the
cave of Dawn.


Vereda said...

Awakening to the awareness of pure and total presence!

Anonymous said...

but who is the author of these words? please let me know.

marpa said...


Words don´t have an author.

Sometimes, just sometimes, words just flow in the mind, like waves in the sea: spontaneously.

But most of the times there is a self clinging to the words that just come out, who thinks: "These words are mine".


Anonymous said...

thrangu rinpoche wrote this?

marpa said...

If he did, that doesn´t change what I told you.
If he didn´t, that doesn´t change it either.

You should try to get the meaning behind the words,
and not worry too much about the supposed "author".

If I told you that "I" wrote that I would be lying to you.

As I told you, sometimes, the words just flow out, naturally,
and when that happens, they don´t belong to "anybody",
because in order to flow out, there must be "nobody" there,
just MIND expressing itself, naturally.


Vereda said...

When presence speaks words of wisdom there is no author to be found ...

Only Mahamudra

The Great Perfection

If you understand this

You have discovered

Pure and total presence


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