Thursday, 18 December 2008

Fudo Myo: Burning the debris

When you are ready for moving up,
you must face all your past deeds.

Look at your memories without fear,
look at them without shame.

You did your best,
but ego deceived you again.

Now it is time to stand still,
immovable like a rock.

Hold on, and let Fudo Myo
cut the throat of karma.

No more fantasies, no more dreams:
just HERE-NOW.


Buddha said...

Your poems are so excuisite I thought they were translations from the masters!
I love your blog!

marpa said...

Thank you Buddha.

Putting into words your inner experiences is not easy. And when english is not your first language, but your third, it takes even more effort.

But that is part of the game. When you had that experience under the tree next to the mysterious meditator, there were no words. Like when Mahakashyapa smiled at Gautama showing the flower.

Languages are dual.
The nature of Mind is beyond duality and non-duality.

In this virtual world we are living, it is not easy to go beyond appearances and words.

I think you had a glimpse of the nature of your own mind, so you are a REAL first yoga practitioner.

Keep being GENUINE.


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