Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Chod: Cutting with cowardice

Egyptian Apprentice:

Unless you dare to face your own fears and ghosts,
you will never unfetter your mind from the wheel of suffering.

You can keep mingling around, pretending to know,
but only facing your dark side and cutting with fear will release you.

Ignorance of your real nature is the real enemy,
giving EGO a boost and keeping you in the mud of suffering.

You must take the determination to RENOUNCE to confused
consciousness, and start training in the art of cutting the veils of ignorance.

Only establishing yourself in the Right Vision of NO-SELF,
you will be able to embrace RIGPA and BLISS.

So, take a penetrating look at yourself into the mirror of
clear mind, and drop all prejudices about reality.

Focus on the five aggregates, and cut with the sword of wisdom
until you are left with your real self: LUMINOUS EMPTINESS.

Then you will see the next camp on our way up to the summit:
the MADIAMAKA camp.

Go ahead, with STRENGTH,
and you will soon become a fellow.

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